Science Day at Trikāta Elementary

November 17 was not an ordinary school day at Trikāta Elementary. A couple of days before a mysterious schedule had appeared on the information board. Instead of ordinary subjects it listed classes of Sound, Smart Modelling Clay, Lego MindStorm, Electricity and 3D Planetarium. Nobody knew for sure what exactly that meant.

Already in the morning pupils found mysterious boxes heaped in the corridor and some classrooms. In the middle of the sports hall there had appeared a huge black inflated Eskimo igloo. However, Eskimos had nothing to do with it. It turned out to be a tent for a spherical film show. Lying on their backs on the carpets inside the tent children could follow adventures in an enchanted ocean reef and the story of the birth of our planet Earth and the life on it.

At the classes children became scientists and researchers under guidance of young tutors from science centre Zinoo. Grades 1-2 explored sound, grades 3-4 studied some chemical reactions and made “smart modelling clay”, grades 5, 6 and 7 built Lego robots and had a robot race, while grades 8-9 experimented with electricity.

The day was rounded up with an impressive experiment show in the hall. Both children and teachers were very happy about this opportunity and rated the day with “five stars out of five”.

Although our NGO was the organiser of the event, it could not have been possible without a donation from a friend of ours – Mr. Andreas Döhrmann from Germany. Children thanked Mr. Döhrmann with loud applause at the end of the day.  

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