Neighbour power

The weather was at its best on Sunday, June 28, in Beverīna County for neighbours from near and far to gather for a family acquaintance event in the Wooden Sculpture Park in “Arāji”, Brenguļi Civil Parish. The aim of the event was to bring together families from all over the County to meet, chat, get to know each other and participate in activities.

It was a truly grassroots event because everything that we did, we did ourselves – organisation, invitations, performances and participation. About 300 people visited the event, which is roughly 10% of all the population of our County!

The event was planned for active participation – it was attractively hosted by our Ineta Vanaga from Cempi, people were engaged in dancing by local folk dance group “Dzieti”, they could watch a theatre performance by our local amateur drama group and participate in workshops provided by our craftsmen. There were sportive activities for children and all day through everyone could use all objects and activity elements of the sculpture park free of charge courtesy to the park’s owner Jānis Jākabsons.

Therefore we express our deepest thanks to all volunteers who helped us make it a great day for everyone.

The event was organised by NGO “Beverīnas amatnieki” together with NGO “Iespēju durvis”. Funding was provided by Beverīna County.

See the gallery here: ŠEIT

A gallery and video by Santa Paegle here: ŠEIT

Linda Krūmiņa