Welcome to our crafts store!
The works that we sell are handmade by crafters and artisans from Beverīna County and by buying them you help to reduce unemployment and poverty in the Latvian countryside.
The items available in our store are unique handmade articles, therefore each particular article may slightly differ from what is presented in the pictures. You can also order items tailored to your specific needs, for example, a doll with a blue dress instead of a red one, with an embroidered name of someone special, articles of smaller or larger size, etc. Please click here to tell us about your wishes.

felt boots, handmade winter boots, custom order boots
Price, EUR: 169,00
Author: Inga Logina
bobble hat, winter knit cap, knit cap
Price, EUR: 30,00
dog wool socks
Price, EUR: 10.40
Author: Ruta Birģele-Prancāne
filcēti cimdi
Price, EUR: 22,00
Author: Inga Logina
Price, EUR: 22,00
Author: Ilze Gulbe