About us

The Association “Iespēju durvis” (The Door of Opportunity) was founded in 2010 as a successor and promoter of the concepts of the project “The School of Life” implemented by all three schools of Beverīna County within the framework of the initiative Change Opportunities for Schools funded by Soros Foundation – Latvia, therefore all projects implemented by the Association are planned in cooperation with the County’s three schools. The members of the Association strongly believe that in a small rural community the school has to function not only as an education institution, but also as the centre for lifelong learning and builder of civil society, by offering different interesting and educational activities, broadening the world outlook and opening up new opportunities for local people who frequently enough have severely suffered from the consequences of various national or local economic and political crises, reforms and redistribution of national funds.

The aim of the Association is ensuring of the most diverse opportunities for personal development, education, small business development and leisure time possibilities for the County’s population, developing of an active and involved local community and facilitation of sustainable development of the County.

The Association has set forth the following objectives to reach the abovementioned aim:

1. to develop general, professional education and lifelong learning possibilities in the County, to participate in the development of the County’s lifelong learning strategy;

2. to diversify culture, sports and social activities, leisure time options for children, youth and other members of the community within the limits of the County, as well as organise activities for the improvement of such options;

3. to facilitate public activity and involvement, to support healthy lifestyle, small business, to strengthen patriotism and the awareness of the values of one’s native place in the local community;

4. to engage in and to organise activities related to environmental protection and sustainable use of resources, to educate the society in sustainable development issues;

5. to cooperate with other organisations, to participate in intercultural and cross-border cooperation projects.

The Association has both participated in and implemented a number of bigger and smaller projects. You can find project related information under the Projects section. Children and adults, as well as other grassroots organisations have been involved in activities, cooperation has been established with grassroots organisations from other regions of Latvia, as with organisations at the national level, as well as with the local government of the County, thus uniting and improving the community life.

Currently there are five members of the Association, with some unlisted volunteer helpers behind each of them, ready to continue the work of the organisation and undertake new challenges to make our local community healthier, more educated, active and involved.

Linda Krūmiņa
Chairwoman of the Board
  Sandra Kaufmane
Board Member
Principal of Brenguļi Primary School
  Iveta Rambola
Board Member 
Principal of Kauguri Elementary School
Brigita Avišāne
  Inga Boškina